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9 years ago

MSDP version of Appliance: Reports / Deduplication output

Is there a command (or series of commands) that can be run on a Windows MSDP Media Server to get something like the output that an Applince kicks out when you go to Reports / Deduplication?

In most cases I'm running Server 2k12 with the Unix tools installed so I do have access to sed/awk/grep...etc....I wish MS had kept them in 2k12 R2...oh well...


APPLIANCE.Main_Menu> Reports
Entering NetBackup reporting view...

Deduplication  Show deduplication statistics.
Exit           Logout and exit from the current shell.
Process        Show current process status.
Return         Return to the previous menu.
Shell          Shell operations.

APPLIANCE.Reports> Deduplication
Deduplication statistics
Deduplication technology  MSDP
Deduplication rate        87.409%
Data Protected            119344857 MB
Space Used For Protection 15026345 MB
Physical free space       8877902 MB
Logical free space        0 MB
Total free space          8877902 MB
Maximum Disk Space        23886659 MB
Used Disk Space           15008757 MB



  • The command i listed earlier does pipe out to an excel file and the output is quite nice really - like the appliance

    If you use "crstats --verbose>c:\stats.txt" then you get this in the text file:

    Storage Pool Raw Size=62672026402816Bytes

    Storage Pool Reserved Space=2507954794496Bytes

    Storage Pool Size=60164071608320Bytes

    Storage Pool Used Space=45523747012608Bytes

    Use Rate=76%

    Storage Pool Available Space=14640324595712Bytes

    Catalog Logical Size=632274848694179Bytes

    Catalog files Count=516719

    Container Number=172809

    Container Average Size=263120631Bytes

    Space Allocated For Containers=45469613218215Bytes

    Deduplication Ratio=13.9

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