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4 years ago

Netbackup Catalog Backup - Where to Store

We currently have Netbackup 8.2 Environment with 1 Master (W2k16 / Virtual Machine (VMWare) + 2 Media Servers (W2k16, Physicals) & Data Domain as primary disk storage target via OST.  We have our Catalog backup policy configured to store via UNC Path on one of the Media Servers (Weekly Full + Daily Diffs w/a 2 Week Retention).  We recently suffered a hardware failure on the physical media server that was storing the Catalog Backup.  I'm thinking this is an opportunity for improvement of where to store catalog backup it for easy retrieval/recovery when needed.  

One thought I had was to add a new VMDK to master server since it's a VM that way the VMDK can be easily attached to any machine and accessed in the event of a failure and not be prone to another hardware issue on the media server plus the disk can be easily grown to accommodate catalog growth.  

Thoughts?  What are others doing? 

Thanks in advance.

  • Compared to the cost of you data, tape drives are cheap - and also protect aginst 'encryption' type malware.

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  • How do you have the disaster recovery tab configured for your catalog backup?

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      Sorry if that wasn't clear in the post -- On the disaster recovery tab the path is pointed to a UNC path to one of our physical media servers

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        Do you also email it to yourself / team with attachments?