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11 years ago

Restore to a network share

master/media   NBU  OS 2008R2

client    NBU    OS 2008R2

I have restored a folder from my tape backup to a shared folder on the network. When I go the shared folder it is empty. Even if I logon to the file server and open the folder it is empty. I thought the restore had failed. When I started a new restore and browsed to the shared folder on the file server the restored file was there. I could even browse to sub folders. I have done restores to this shared folder before but it has been some time. I usually do a restore to the machines themselves. What is happening? Any thing I am missing or doing wrong?

  • Your last paragraph is a Microsoft issue, not NBU....

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  • Try restoring directly to the client then copy them to the share.

    If the restore works to the client, its not a netbackup problem but a network share/permissions issue.

  • cannot restore to the client as it has been decommissioned. The restore was done from backup tapes.

  • Which GUI was used to do the restore?

    How did you specify the network share? 
    Drive letter or UNC path?

    UNC path is correct method.

    If you have used drive letter, check the server where you restored from.

  • I used the BMR. Attached is the process I went through. When repeating the steps for the restore I can see that the folders have been restored. But the folder is empty when I look in the share drive.

  • I've never heard of restoring VMware backup to a network share.  Create a "dummy" VM, restore to that, copy the files to wherever you want them, and then delete the VM when you are done. 

  • I am not restoring a VM. The vmware is the policy type. This allows the restoration of the vmdk image file or retoration of individual files if I select 'normal backup' from the menu.

    I dont know why but if on any machine used to connect to the share i change the folder properties in control panel and select show hidden files, and uncheck hide protected system files and hide extentions for known types the folders are visible.

    Any comments?

  • Your last paragraph is a Microsoft issue, not NBU....