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2 years ago

The discrepancy in "file counts" between replicated backup job


We have 2 Netbackup instances, one is at the primary site, and another is at the DR site. And, the primary instance replicates all the backups to the DR instance every day.

And our backup system's auditor yesterday noticed that, even for the backup from the same VM, the Files counts at its primary backup is different to its replication at the DR (see below)

So, I'm wondering if anyone could help me to answer the below 2 questions (from our auditor)

  1. What caused this discrepancy in “File counts” ?
  2. Is “this discrepancy” a problem ?




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  • SLP replication batches images into groups to optimize the workload. In replication files are image files, not backup files as in backups.

    Open up the replication job for e.g "full backup" and cross check the file list - file list containing backup images being replicated.

    Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP) Cheat Sheet 

    Tuning SLP/lifecycle parameters for best duplication from disk to tape performance

    If I have understood the problem correctly, it's normal behaviour.

  • Hello,

    but there are source and target backup images on the printscreen, not replication jobs. So it is a bit strange, yes. Looking at Prod_VM image sizes the policy is likely running with Accelerator. My guess is that it could be caused when these images are replicated to the second NBU domain in unchronogical order, but it is just a tip.

    Anyway I presume that it is just a reporting error, not data consistency issue. You can check with a VM/file restore test.