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10 years ago

VMWARE and mount points

My customer has an issue on a linux vm. When he restores files from his machine he can't see files that are on an other filesystem mounted under /opt.

So the VM has 3 disks, normal os, swap and data disk. In the restore gui for policy type vmware and restore type virtual machine I can see all 3 vmdks in the backup, when I select normal restore I can see all files and folders except the files and folders below the mount point.


Is this normal behaviour ? When we use normal agent backup (backup like physical) it's all ok and I can see all the files and folders below the mount point.

I checked the partition table and they are both msdos (not gpt) and filesystem is ext3. Using bplist commando I can't see the mount point either, it is not listed.


Or is it simply not possible to restore single items that are located under a mount point from a vmware type backup ?


NBU version is

  • Marianne, thanks alot for still replying to this. I didn't receive a notification about your first reply...

    I PMed to Nicolai that I made a support case and that it was pending investigation.

    Past friday I received a solution from the symantec engineer. According to him and his testing done in his lab it has to do with the formatting of the disk. The partition type is not the same as the filesystem on it. In "df -h" it shows as a "VMWARE VMFS" system, it should show "Linux". So my customer made a partition of type vmware vmfs and formatted it using ext3...


    Changing the partition type can be done with fdisk but it can mean data loss... My customer will be copying the data to a new correctly formatted disk.

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