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6 years ago

Veritas System Recovery 2018 partnumber

I've been using Norton Ghost and Symantec System Recovery for many years as a home user.

I want to buy Vertitas System Recovery 2018 with the recovery disks, but there are so many versions that I don't see the forrest between the trees (translation to ERnglish of a Dutch proverb).

I want Veritas Systel Recovery for Desktop use with Windows 10 Pro x64 and with the recovery discs included.

And for 1 pc, if the price is ok, 2 pc's.

Also I want to have all the updates free for all Veritas Symantec Recovery 2018 updates.

Can anybody tell me the Veritas partnumber for this or what version I should buy?

Not an upgrade but a fresh new version.

I can't even mail Veritas sales or support to ask a question.

Lots of info on their webpage, but relevant information is not on it.

Would it not be easier that you can see online what versions there are of VSR and what they have included and for what usage it is recommended.

Why makes thing so difficult?

It's easier to find the warez version then to buy an official license.


Kind regards


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