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How to install Deduplication trial licence?

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Hi. We have licenced Backupexec custom edition with additional  features like NDMP and others. Now we would like to test out Trial Deduplication feature. But I am not quite sure how to install it from "install features" menu.

I have two choises under Review licences - "Trial" and "Backup Exec custom edition". If I check under "custom edition", the Deduplication feature is greyed out.

Under "Trial" There are no entitlements (as we dont have any trial licences), and I can check the Option Deduplication feature, but besides that there are checked lot of other features, that we already have, like NDMP feature, Agent for linux, Agent for app/db.

Should I check only Deduplication in Trial and uncheck all other or leave as they are? Or it will convert my licence to trial somehow and break my BE config? Or will it install full Backupexec trial version besides our licenced one?

I get confused by "To install trial version of Backup Exec for 60 days, select Trial edition." But I dont want to install BE trial, I need trial feature to my existing licence.

Looking forward for any help. Thanks.


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You can follow this video:


 You will select the Deduplication option. 

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It will trial the dedupe license only and your production licenses entered will continue running. This is so even when the trial license expires only dedupe.