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EVPM to set Archive Permissions for legacy EV environment

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I need to set the EV Service account for Read, Write and Delete permissions on about 3000 archives for a legacy EV environment that no longer has any Exchange targets from which it actively archives.

I've reviewed as this is exactly what I need.


ArchiveName = ALL
GrantAccess = read write delete, acme\evservice

However it then asks me about my Exchange servers and system mailbox which I don't have - there are no targets within this ev site any longer as it is only used to recall legacy archived items>

Will EVPM not work for me now?



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Yes, if there are no archive task or Exchange targets you won't be able to run EVPM.

Why are you needing to add permission for the EV Service account, there might be an easier way to solve your problem.

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Thanks Tony

That's a shame...

So basically the company has split and the data needs to stay with one half of the company and the users and Exchange have moved across to the other half of the company. The half of the company that has the EV and archived data may need to search for archived items across all the users archives and so want to be able to configure a single user to be able to access each archive. Sadly they don't have DA and so was hoping to be able to give full permissions to a single user (probably the VSA). I guess they could do it manually but with 3000 archives that would be quite a task.

It's not the end of the world as they have journal archives they can search through but I was just hoping to be able to set the VSA so they could search user archives if necessary  - I guess they could set the VSA account with permissions 'as and when' they need to search individual archives.

Unless you have another thought?

I can't see why EVPM needs to talk to the Exchange server when setting Archive permissions - which is a little annoying.

many thanks