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Resolved! Archival Vault Store usage report

Dear All,   We are using Enterprise Vault 9.0.2. We need to gather information regarding enterprise vault archive data. We have checked with usage.asp. Apart from this is there any SQL query which will determine archived data and original data e...

Vipul_Desai by Level 4
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Resolved! EV Archived Data Move to O365

Hello,      We are in plans to migrate to O365, we have around 18TB of Archive Data..   Currently on Exchange 2007 Sp3 with latest update. We archive everything more than 30days old.   What will be best way to do it... what things we need to co...

Indexing upgrade errors

Upgraded from EV 9.0.4 to 10.0.4 and in the process of upgrading the indexes to 64-bit.  I have a number of indexes that report failed items with the error below. SeqNo    SSID    URL    Error Code    Raw Error 2672    201005022762357~2008050115172...

Resolved! Configure Archive Groups EV search

Hi ! In Enterprise Vault Search I have the possibility search in File System archives. But I want disable this ! Users can set up custom "archive groups" in Enterprise Vault Search ( I ...

High availability Diagram review requested

Dear Tech Gurus,   Can you please review attached diagram of High availabilty for Enterprise Vault. I wanted you professionals to review it once, before I present it.   I thank you in advance for your assistance and feedback. Regards, Gautam

User A sees Folders from User B in his Vault

Hi there, strange problem here. User A reported, that he has some foreign folders in his Vault. User B hasn't give any rights to user A. User A can't see any mails in user B's folders, just the folder structure. The Export Archive Wizard doesn't ...

Resolved! EV Placeholder Service not available

Hi , I'm having a bit of an issue with our EV FSA archiving tasks . Scenario : EV Server : Windows server 2008, EV 11.0.0 Target Server : Windows Server 2012, Basic File Shares, running EV Placeholder server ver 11.0.0 Issue : End users are ha...

MigratorServer processes running, but do not know why

Yesterday afternoon, we restarted our EV services, and shortly after, noted that 10 MigratorServer.exe processes appeared in Task Manager and began to consume CPU resources on one of the two EV servers in our EV site. I noted that this process has t...

Question around Backup Mode and Stopping EV Services

Hi All   I have a fairly large EV customer, 11000 users, and one of the issues I have noticed is that DBCC reports back  and generally finds Fragmentation in various SQL tables. We put the EV servers into backup mode when SQL  maintenance runs yet ...

Resolved! SetEVExchangePermissions for Single Server

I'm trying to assign EV Exchange Permission on Single server with below format for Pilot. Please help me whether it will assign permission only on that server or it will assign permission on all the exchange servers in my environment. SetEVExchange...

Resolved! Need to change the EV server name to CNAME alias

Dear All, During a health assessment of an EV environment we came to know that the EV server is configured with the server name directly instead of using the CNAME alias as per the best practice. Now we also have a task to prepare the DR for thier s...

GulzarShaikhAUS by Level 6
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EV LUN or Share

Hi   Could someone help me with the pros and cons of using a LUN vs CIFS share for EV   Regards Kamal  

Kamal_SA by Level 3
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User receives "Failed to perform search request" when trying to access items in the PST migration folder in Archive Explorer

I have some issues at a customer's site which I think are all interlinked so I will try to keep this as short as I can. The environment is EV 9.0.4 Firstly, a user is due to run a workshop and requires some old emails that were migrated from her PS...

AlanJ by Level 4
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Indexes and Expiry

Hi,   Question about expiry and indexes.  Does running expiry redue the sizes of indexes also?  I have run expiry on about 13 million emails and watched the storage decrease, but haven't seen the indexes redue at all.  Just wondering if i am missin...

Resolved! Closed Partition Backup question

Our legal department has been very generous with regards to expiry.  Therefore, we have several closed partitons.  We have been backing them up weekly over the weekend.  Over the past month or so the back ups have taken longer and longer. I'm lookin...

legomai by Level 4
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Enterprise Vault using guest account

I'm using EV10 SP3, Outlook 2013 and Exch 2010.  We use vault cache and virtual vault on Win8.1, EV server is 2008 R2.  We are rolling out a new SOE.  I have auditing set up on security logs on EV servers.  I am seeing some interesting behaviour.  S...

Sortid by Level 6
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Windows 2012 Storage Spaces clustering and EV

Hi, Does anyone know or has anyone tried the new Windows 2012 Storage Spaces (disk clustering) with Enterprise Vault non-clustered implementation.  My client wants to set up 2 EV servers active aqcgtive, hence EV in clustered mode is out and will be...

Fremont by Level 5
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Resolved! EVPM folder restrictions

Hello Tech Gurus,   Can you please help me with folder restriction script, I have put in restriction that user cannot delete/move managed folder, however I want to restrict them with rename as well. They should not be able to even rename the folder...