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NetBackup Applaince

Hi Expert Team,             Looking for to your solution and adivce for below Query, one of my customer have NetBackup Applaince 5240, he requested the first shelf of 49TB to be added to existing appliance, however, Shelf storage is EOL, Kindly advic...

afzal1 by Level 3
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Veritas Appliance MSDP over 85%

Got a warning message from our 5250 appliance today, regarding the status of the MSDP.  It suggests I "cleanup the partition and re-check status".Is there a documented process for 'cleaning up the partition'?  I feel like the MSDP is just a big black...

nholtz by Level 3
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Netbackup Disk Backup Failover Issue with error 83

Hi all,We are experiencing an unusual issue that I've spent a few days battling to no avail.We currently run Netbackup ES 7.1 running on Solaris which speaks to multiple Linux Netbackup Media servers.  These Media servers rotate External HDD ...

NBU 5250 appliance shows "Hardware issue detected"

Veritas NetBackup Appliance Web Console show hardware issue detected, but is unable to provide further details.Monitor > Hardware ShowHealth Appliance Product produces:Compute Node nb5250master.eldocomp.comTime Monitoring Ran: Mon Dec 19 2022 10:30:0...

nholtz by Level 3
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ugrade fail

cat upgrade_readiness_analysis_report_12-14-2022-17-16.txt[2022-12-14T17:16:37.323044+0000(GMT+0000)] Starting upgrade readiness analysis using SYMC_NBAPP_update_ReadinessAnalyzer-8.1.5-1.noarch.rpm.>> Which version do you want to upgrade to? [3.1.2,...

Resolved! NBU 9.1 Disk Storage Unit misconfigured

This may not be "appliance" specific but is definitely NBU related.Last year we configured two Veritas 5250 appliances to replace our DD2500's and master and media servers.  We have two campuses, but only one NBU domain, so a single master server.  T...

nholtz by Level 3
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EXIT STATUS 58 (can't connect to client)

helloI have a question regarding NetBackup EXIT STATUS 58.One server encountered EXIT STATUS 58 during backup.And there was no problem with other server backups.[How I checked]1. NetBackup Server and Client Server Ping TestResult: OK2. Forward name l...


Getting Permission denied when trying to login as admin

Hi All, i am Getting Permission denied when trying to login as admin to one of my 5240 Appliances running / was thinking that maybe someone fat fingered the password during a change. went into single user mode and changed it to a new...

mj100 by Level 3
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unable to open a case

Hi i am unable to open a case today on veritas support portal. is there any know issue? i have never had such an issue. platform is saying the serial number of my appliance does not match with an active oneBest

NetBackup Copilot for Oracle - its performance

Hello I am wondering what are the speeds you are achieving with Copilot for Oracle on NBU appliances - I am specifically taking about Backup from Snapshot step (its copying the data from share to msdp on the same appliance) - in configuration with Ne...

quebek by Moderator
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Team,I just setup my netbackup appliance 5240 and want to start backing up my database and file servers. The total size of my storage is 14TB and I have about 10 different servers to backup. Please do I need to create different storage units for the ...