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NBU 7.1 mail notification stopped working for 'foreign' mail addresses

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Master server -  7.1

UNIX - solaris 10

Normal mail notification setup for catalog backup and job failure setup and been working for months.

Since 2 weeks ago it does not reach any 'foreign' mail addresses. By 'foreign' mail addresses I mean - if company name is ABC all the mail notifications for works BUT any other mail address just disapears. We even tried We checked mailmarshal and it does not even reach that box/server.

Bounced NetBackup.

Bounced NetBackup Master server.

The notifications from the OpsCenter works 100% for all mail addresses.OpsCenter runs on a diffirent server.

As per normal no chenges were made.

How can I trace/investigate these mails?



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It's not going to be NetBackup.

What happens if you run mailx

mailx -s "Test mail" <email address> </etc/hosts

If this fails, nothing to do with NBU, troubleshoot it from the operating system (sendmail).

Start by looking in /var/log/syslog and /var/adm/messages


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I agree that it is not NetBackup - otherwise we would not have seen any mail notifications.

I did mailx test and get the same result - after enter return to prompt with no warning oir error and:

local mail goes through and send / receive mail.

foreign mail just disapear into thin air.

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This is clearly a problem with the mail server settings.

When you configure sendmail locally, you have 2 alternatives:

1) the local server dispatches mail directly to the recipient.

2) the local server sends mail to a "smart host", who dispatches mail to the recipient.

In the first case, you shoul check your local configuration: this link is a starting point:

In the second case talk to the mail server admin and ask why netbackup mails to strangers are rejected.


Hope this helps.


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Martin asked if you checked the logs - anything there?

If you don't have access to logs, try the mailx tests again but add the "-v" command line switch and see if that gives you any clues.