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8 years ago

Invalid Physical Volume Library Media Identifier

Hello, I have W2008R2, BEX 2012 doing duplicate backup to tapes at the end of each month.  I tried to do a restore from these backupsets (Dec, Nov, Oct, Sept) and got the "0xe0008105 Invalid Physica...
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    8 years ago

    For stand-alone tape drives, when you catalog or restore a backup set of tapes, the sequence is supposed to go like this

    1) Put in the first tape in the backup set, inventory and then restore.

    2) After the first tape, you would be prompted for the second tape in the backup set.  After you put in the required tape and reply to the prompt, BE will automatically read the tape label to confirm that it is the required.  If it is, the job will continue.  Otherwise, BE will prompt you again to put in the correct tape.

    3) Step 2 is repeated for each subsequent tape in the backup set.

    I can't remember whether a catalog job will prompt you for the subsequent tapes, or you are supposed to know the sequence of tapes.  I moved to a tape library when my jobs started to span tapes.  This is something that you should seriously consider since your backup job requires 5 tapes.

    Your error message indicates that BE cannot find the required media.  It could be that the media is bad/missing, bad tape drive or there is a bug.  This is why I asked you to catalog the tapes individually to rule out bad tapes.

    As to why you are facing the problem only now, not all problems manifest themselves to everybody at the same time.  Each depends on the right set of circumstances.

    You should also seriously consider upgrading to the latest version which is BE 16.  BE 2012 will EOL in May.