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6 years ago

V-79-40960-38528 received when backing up Ubuntu 16.04 Server guest on Hyper-V 2016 host


I am running a Server 2016 Hyper-V host.  On the host I have multiple Windows and Linux VMs running as guests.  The Linux VMs are Ubuntu 16.04 Server-based.  To simplify administration, I back up the Windows VMs in one backup job and the Linux VMs in a second, separate backup job.  I am receiving the following in the job log for the Linux VMs:

V-79-40960-38528 - The Hyper-V subsystem has reported that the Hyper-V Integration Services (HIS) inside the virtual machine do not match the version expected by the Hyper-V host. An offline backup of this virtual machine has been performed, update the Hyper-V Integration Services to ensure online backups can be performed whenever possible.

I have de-selected all GRT-related options for the job under Backup Options-->Virtual Machines-->Virtual Machine Granular Restore Technology Settings.  I have Instant GRT enabled under Backup Options-->Instant GRT (the default).

Also, I have installed and upgraded both linux-tools and linux-cloud-tools packages in the VMs.  I still receive the error.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Is your version of Linux listed as supported in the BE SCL?
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      Hi Craig-

      Yes, Ubuntu 16.04 is on the SCL for the Linux agent.  However, seeing as these are VMs and being backed up via the agent for Hyper-V, the BE agent for Linux is not installed within the virtual machines.  I suppose I could try installing the agent for linux within the VM, though I don't see how this would help?

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        You could install the Linux agent and backup that way - that would probably be considered as a workaround though as you are changing the backup method (agent-based backup vs virtual-machine level backup).

        Just curious to understand if you have opened a support case for this issue?