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9 years ago

Assertion Failure when launching DLO on Mac


When I launch DLO on Mac, the agent launches and the initializing screen pops up and then disappears. I noticed in the Mac Console logs mutiple entries as shown below:

SymantecDLO: *****************************----Assertion Failure----****************************

The DLO Console picks up the computer, but there are no backups for this computer, even though the Symantec DLO process is running. I am also unable to open the DLO Agent console on the Mac.

I am using Symantec DLO console version 7.6SP1. Mac DLO agent version is 1.0 build 1102.

Any ideas on what may be causing this? 



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  • The newer version of DLO (version 8.0) contains many fixes for the Mac Agent. If upgrade isn't an option now, I would recommend you to log a formal support case so that we may investigate this issue further. Thanks.