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9 years ago

Automate export to PST EV 10.5 - Command Line

I have a business requirement to export terminated employee mail data from Enterprise Vault PST. This is not going to change, it's an absolute requirement. We have all other offboarding tasks automated, running from a single script (Homedrive, AD, live mailbox, Finance and HR systems records).  

Does either EV10 or EV11 included a command line tool to perform an export to PST? I know this has been asked before in the connect forums for EV8 and EV9, however.... There is an obvious need to provide the functionality! Nothing worse than using the wizard over and over again for 20 - 30 off boards a day, especially when everything else is automated. If the Archives are 20-40GB, this can take a very long time with someone checking on the progess. We would rather just include this functionality in the exsting offboarding process. Automate life and move on.





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  • Exactly the type of response I was looking for.... Thanks Rob!

    I'm just sad to see that the origional request was back in 2011 and it has not been added to the product yet. I have included a Bump on both threads.






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      The information is not visible anymore.
      Is this information available on a Veritas site?

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        Hi Woelki,

        I ahve heard the whole ideas section has been removed, as apparently it was not used. If you need this feature, you might need to contact your Program Manager for EV (or call support)

        I believe this is being looked at for the next major release (EV13?) but not sure.