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11 months ago

exit status 140

Hi, I'm trying to create AIR between 2 NetBackup instance set ( both got a primary server and media server for msdp) in Flex 5250 under the same domain.  I'm using this guide to do it.  https://ww...
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    11 months ago

    Hi din_ibrahim 

    When you log into the instance you log in using the appadmin ID. You need to become root and the way to ahcieve this is to use the "sudo -s" command - it will prompt for the appadmin password, and then you will have a root shell and be able to run the nbcertcmd. 


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    10 months ago

    Just to have created at least one SLP with a replication copy, right ? And then configured that SLP in a policy as the backup destination? And then run that policy and gotten a successful backup ? =)

    Setting up AIR is just one part of it - you have to also send things to it to process. Note that default replication processing can take a while, you have to either run out the default timer & it'll trigger a short job, or come up with enough data to replicate that it meets-or-beats the size amount.

    For reference, by default :