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Migrating Images between Netbackup Domains

I have a requirement whereby we are replacing 4 x 50x0 Puredisk Appliances with 4 x 5220 Appliances.  The current config has all devices in the same Netbackup domain, even though 2 of the 50x0 appliances are in a remote location.  Each pair of 50x0 appliances is presented as a single pool within Netbackup.

We are implementing the new 5220 appliances in an AIR configuration - therefore there will be two distinct NBU domains (one production and one DR).  The current master server will remain in the production site, with one of the 5220 appliances in DR acting as the Master server in the other NBU domain.

My issue is in migrating the data from the current 50x0 appliances to the new 5220 appliances.  In the production site the images can simply be duplicated from the 50x0's to the 5220's, as they are all in the same NBU domain.  But when considering migrating the images from the remote 50x0's (which are part of the original production NBU domain) to the new 5220's in the new NBU domain - what are the best options here ?  The environment does not include any tape devices.


  • You cannot AIR or duplicate images from the past using a SLP - but your thoughs about taking it to the 5220 forst and the using AIR via the nbreplicate command would work

    Just duplicate using the catalog section in the Admin Console and while there copy and paste the list out so that you have a list of images and then do a quick script to nbreplicate those duplicated images using AIR.

    I dont think you will be able to automate it but it shouldn't take much to do it all manually and it does actually need an SLP creating at the destination site before you run the command.

    So if you create the SLP at the target server named reverse-air, the username is root and for example the dedupe password over there is cbdb12343, then assuming NetBackup is installed on the C drive and the 5220 duplicated image is copy 2 you can do this ....

    Make a file named images.txt and put it on the root of the C drive on the Master. After copying the image list from the catalog section (highlight all and Ctl-C) paste it straight into excel and then copy the imageid column and paste it straight into the images.txt file so that each image appear on a new line.

    Next make a replication.bat file somewhere and in it put the following (edited as appropriate for your values) - note that this is all on one line:

    for /f %%a in (C:\images.txt) do "c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\bin\admincmd\nbreplicate" -backupid %%a -cn 2 -rcn 102 -target_sts 5220_site_2 -slp_name reverse-air -target_user root -target_pwd cbdb12343

    Try it out with one image first to see if it works

    Hope this helps


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