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6 years ago

VMWare Backup from SAN with HITACHI VSP G600


Netbackup v8.0 with Veritas Appliance 5240,  2 Hitachi VSP G600 GAD replication

I have a problem with the backup from SAN in VMWare.

I have a zone create between Veritas Appliance 5240 initiator ports and Hitachi VSP G600 ports where it is datastore LUN.

I see paths of Hitachi VSP in Veritas Appliance but I can not see UUID of DataStore.

Zoning is right and LUN paths is right, what is the problem???

Attached images.

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  • Please just run the VMWARE based policy using SAN transport only - if it will work you are OK if not you will have to troubleshoot.

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      Are you joking with me? Do you think that i not run VMWare policy until now? If I am question about this it's because i have a problem after trying backup...

      What is it troubleshoot for these problem? 


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        How did you mask these LUNs to this appliance? I assume on array end there is host groups for VMWARE, right?

        Did you add the NBU app to the same group? Or you did present the same LUNs to NBU APP? If so are the host LUN IDs the same ones as in the vmware host groups for each LUN?

        I am not having expirience with HITACHI but I am having with EMC, IBM and PURE in all these worlds the LUN masking is working it same manner...

        Can you share some logs of failed job?


  • Hi

    Well you will not be able to see it under storage only under fibre channel CLISH menu.

    So instead in Storgage from top clish menu go to manage than FibreChannle and from there run scan and than only show...

    The LUNs from VMWARE cant be used in the storage context....

    Marianne Will you please move this to NBU appliance forum...? thank you in advance.

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      I found this article of Veritas. It's say that you can see the UUID of DataStore of ESXi such as i sent in a screenshot of Appliance:

      I ran rescan and make screenshot attached. I can see 4 paths of storage (Hitachi) but i can not confirm that Appliance see DataStore.

      ¿Someone know this problem or similar problem?


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        Your screenshots show that 
        FC > Show
        reports on the Hitachi luns.

        Is something not working for you? 
        Are backups failing when you select SAN Transport as only method?