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3 years ago

deactivated policies

Hello Team,

In my environment there are lots of deactivated policies. just for information, is deactivated policies impact master server performance?


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  • Hello

    IMHO I doubt... but if you don't need them why to keep these??

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      These are oracle policies. Actually we have configured for both server (active and standby) and at a time policy is active for active server and for standby server policy is in deactivated state.

      If there is a issue with active server, then standby server will be activated. And we will deactivated first policy and activated another one.

      Because we dont have VIP/cluster in my environment.


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        OK - understood...

        Who is initiating backup NBU or a crontab/task scheduler from client?

        If backups are initiated from client side - I would relay only on one policy and in clients tab include both servers active and standby.... But if NBU is scheduling these than your approach seems to be OK..