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8 years ago

how can i get failed job backup selection info

Hi Team

We have unix client backup daily. In that multiple backup streams running. some times backups failed with 84 on data domain due to high load on DD's. Need get those stream and created new policy and taking backup on tape. how can i get command line failed job or stream backup selection ( path ) ? Can you please suggest how can i get failed job backup selection details ( path)


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  • Use bperror, maybe something like this:

    ...but, the default client setting is to only report the first 10 missed/locked files, and so it becomes almost impossible to guarantee that you always report every missed file.


    If you are after only the original selection path of a backup job, then that information is embedded within a "trylist" table which is itself embedded within a list, which is itself within the all_columns type record from bpdbjobs.  You'll need some decent scripting skills to be able to retrieve the "selection" info.  Do you have a Unix or Linux or Windows master server?   The other tricky issue with this type of scriptng is... what if your job failed on the first attempt, but worked on themsecond attempt, how are you going to handle that?

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      Do you have a Windows based installation of any of the NetBackup Server installation types of Master Server or Media Server or Administration Console (and I do not mean the java based admin console)?  If you do then I may a have script for you.

      If you have a Windows based NetBackup Server, then exactly what version of NetBackup is your Master Server running?

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        I wonder why there is no reaction to your attempt to help.....