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10 years ago

requested media id was not found in the EMM database

Hello All, We have been having catalog backup issues for a long time and couldnt find the solution. The problem began when tape NB34567 got stuck in a drive and was damaged upon removal from th...
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    10 years ago


    Interesting.   The media has to exist somewhere in order for NBU to request it.  If the media is already reserved - it would show up in the nbrbutil output (note that nbrbutil -dumptables -f /a/path/to/put/output.file is easier to read); but it wouldn't ask for it every time.

    You stated that the media no longer exists in the vmquery output - but I see that the media id you gave is two charcters and 5 numbers long (longer than the six character/number combination that is typical).  Is this just an example media id?

    I would suggest running vmquery -a to an output file, then checking the output for just the numbers or the first two letters and a few of the numbers (just to be sure).


    Additionally- you might want to check out the following technote - it has a lot of good suggestions:

    If none of those report anything - run nbdb_unload  to a temp directory (i.e. nbdb_unload /tmp/unload).  Run grep of the resulting .dat files to see if that media id exists in any of the tables.  You can figure out which table it is by searching for the file name (such as 743.dat) in the reload.sql file.  That may help with this mystery.

    Let me know if you find the media id in any of the .dat files and what the file name is associated with that .dat file from the reload.sql file.