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7 years ago

Robot library is not defined in EMM

I have problem on the NBU , after replace the autoloader an run the device wizard to reconigse the new library with new firmware version, then I run the test backup, it works.  After schedule the backup , all job failed in error 96 or 800 on the policy, I check the robot it shows three robot arm then I remove those robot arm who show NONE on the console.  i have no idea why did it happens when use the new firmware NBU , may I koow if there is problem on my side, please advice 

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  • Hello

    I would have started with:

    tpconfig -d

    vmglob -listall


    to gather details...

    Then if any robot, drive is still there - remove these...

    rerun device wizard.. ensure storage units are OK, etc and stop/start nbu

    rerun all these commands to see if all is as requested... test backups...