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Exchange 2013 issue with SSR 2013

I have just migrated to Exchange 2013, CU7. I have tested  Symantec System Recovery and it does make backups. The issue is SSR 2013 is supposed to be VSS aware, and yet it does not truncate the transaction log files in Exchange 2013 when a full backup is made. Customer support can't answer this, yet I can't get tech support to answer until I buy the product. I do not like buying products that do not work, then making them work. I am hoping someone can answer this question here.

I am also wondering if Granular restore is in SSR 2013 R2 only for Exchange 2013, or can you also do that in 2013?


And if anyone can answer this question for me I would very much appreciate it. For the top issue I was told by someone to turn on Circular logging. But I thought I read that you should not do that if you are using Increnetal backups. I am using Incremental with a full backup made every week. What is the proper use of circular logging when doing this.


Thanks in advance!



  • Have you enabled the Perform full VSS Backup option? (found in Advanced Options when editing backup job)

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  • Have you enabled the Perform full VSS Backup option? (found in Advanced Options when editing backup job)


    Thanks Chris!

    No I haven't. I saw that but did not understand exactly what it did. What is the difference between not having that checked and having it checked, if you don't mind.

  • Sorry, missed seeing the link. (multitasking too much! ;) )

  • By default, this is disabled. This means that SSR won't send a command to VSS to truncate the logs.

    You need to enable it.

  • Thanks again for the help Chris!

    Although it is apparent I would not need circular logging on if that is checked, could you answer the question about if it is a good idea or bad to have circular logging turned on when using incrementals backups. Having a discussion with a colleage about that, whether it is right or wrong to do.


    Whenever you get time, just wondering...




  • Well, there's no requirement from an SSR perspective to have circular logging on. So, really it's up to you whether or not that is something you need for your Exchange setup.

    Everything working now that you have enabled the perform full VSS backup option?