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10 years ago

barcode rule in backup exec 2014

Hi, I have a problem, when i want use a barcode with a LTO6. I have a StorageTek Oracle Library SL150 with tape LTO6, y create a coderule.


provider = oracle

prefix = OL6

suffix = L6

media type = LTO6


The barcode rules that are enabled on the command line interface management Backup Exec for library detected incompatible media into the slot. There is no rule barcode for barcode support slot or library does not have a compatible tape drive for supporting the slot, as specified in a rule barcode.

Error library: the rules barcode detected incompatible storage media detected in robotic library.

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  • Configure the barcodes using this blog as a reference -

  • If you have only one LTO6 tape drive in your tape library then you should not enable barcode rules. Barcode rules are only needed when you have a mixture of different tape drives and tape media types in the same library
  • Barcode rules are for identify the media types and the way the barcode labels are coded to identify a media type is specified by the tape library manufacturer.  It is not for  you to invent or code rules your own way.

    For your cleaning tapes, are you sure that your tape library manufacturer does not specify a suffix.  For example, for HP tape libraries, the barcode format for cleaning tapes is CLNxxxL1, where xxx = alphanumeric chars.

    Why do you have 5 cleaning tapes in your library?  You are just wasting your slots.  One cleaning tape should be sufficient.

    Also, cleaning tapes do not count as a different media type.  By a different media type, I mean LTO5, LTO4, etc.