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14 years ago

Shortcut deletion not working


Im currently testing how to delete shortcuts from the users mailbox, but it is not working at all!


The mailbox policy:

-Delete shortcuts based on 1 day

-Delete orphaned shortcuts

-Update moved items

-Archiving based on age is set to 99years


The provisioning group is ranked correct, ive synced the mailboxes, the EV server is working perfectly, vault cache is off and archive explorer is on.


EV server:

win 2k3 R2 

EV 9.1


  • Yes - that's what you can expect in trace when a shortcut is going to be deleted based on deletion by age (sometimes referred to as blanket deletion).  Without the trace from the nightly run I can't say why it didn't delete it first time.

    Most likely it's that the archived date isn't quite 24 hrs old yet and therefore doesn't match the 1 day deletion period.

    Basically it might take three nightly runs for an item to be archived and then deleted.

    1st run archives the item (say archived date = 18/1/2011 0:00:00am)

    2nd run - finds shortcut compares archived date with current time (current time = 18/1/2011 11:59:00pm).  Shortcut not eligible for deletion.

    3rd run - finds shortcut compares archived date with current time (current time = 19/1/2011 11:59:00pm).  Shortcut is deleted.

    What I'm trying to point out is that depending on when during the archiving window the mailbox and shortcut is processed will have an affect on the outcome of the shortcut deletion expiry test.



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