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11 years ago

Vmware restore speeds

hi all

im trying to gather some figures on what speeds others are seeing when  restoring a Vmware server using 7.5/7.6

i know it depends on what methods and underlying infrastructure but id just like to know what speeds other people see

eg we get a restore speed of around 20 to 25MBps when restoring VMware servers via SAN method and 10-15 when restoring NBD

doesnt matter is its from disk or tape, the media server is our backup host and the LUNS are all presented to it

Media server is HP DL385 G8 connect to SAN via fibre

when we do agent restores for eg DB2 or files we can get around 70MBps

From my intial findings im begining to feel this is more a limitation or restriction with VMware rather than Netbackup

i found this



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  • Something to look at (in previous years) was the disks of the vm and how it zero'd out the disk. Not sure if that is still relevant but it impacted the performance for restores.

  • Hello Daryl,

    i would consider 20-25 MB over the SAN and 10-15 MB over the NBD is pertty show....(even though its depends on the infra that you have)

    when i was testing i have see the restore speed varried betweeen 70-120 MB (for multiple tests) for SAN and 50-60 MB for NBD..even I consider it as a normal speed.. since i have my backup Infra in UCS with FCoE (fiber chanel over ehternet) which is shared with other servers...

    you probably needs to isolate what is acatully causing the slowness in restores...


  • I have tested in both Ways... using the Vcetner as well as Restore ESXi...

    restore ESXI is moving with good speed around 80 to 100 MB ..some times at Max of 120 MB too

    and though Vceneter it was around 50 -70 MBps.... ( I had the Vcenter also a VM which needs to consider)