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8 years ago

VSR 16: Service Pack 1 - available now!

Service Pack 1 for Veritas System Recovery (VSR) 16 is now available.

What's new?

  • 32TB volume support
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 support
  • Support for the following Linux versions:
    • Red Hat 6.6, 6.7 & 6.8
    • SLES 11.4
    • CentOS 6.6, 6.7 & 6.8
  • Windows 2016 Server support (as a managed client with the Veritas System Recovery Management Solution)

Release notes:

Patch download: (NOTE: SP1 is also available via LiveUpdate)

Updated compatibility list:

For more details about VSR, please visit

To download a trialware copy of VSR, please visit

Please use this thread for any questions that are specific to SP1.


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  • Hi all,

    A  FYI:

    For any of you who participated in the Beta for SP1 and have the Beta installed, LiveUpdate does recognize that an update to from is needed.  I also downloaded the MP1 patch and it will not install over the top of  The patch setup fails immediately.   I downloaded the full program from my support on the web and it updated the beta with no issues. I contacted the Beta team and they referred my discovery to support.



  • no support for SMP 8.1? My sql server was updated to 2014 SP2 and when I try to install it I get "You have selected an unsuported instance of SQL...". SQL 2014 SP@ is supported only under SMP 8.1

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      SMP 8.1 is not supported yet. I have already asked the question about when this will be supported - I'll report back here when I know more on this.

      However, the below article shows that you do NOT need 8.1 in order to use SQL 2014 SP2. Symantec support this with SMP 8.0 HF4 onwards (see Page 12):

  • criley

    from unpeujuste


    I am using SSR2013 R2 SP6 since year 2016 ans, following your advice, I have downloaded and unzipped the file. I have received two files: Veritas_System_Recovery_16.0_SP1_Patch.msp and PatchSetup.exe. Starting this last file I receive a comment: "This patch can't be installed: contact Veritas Support". I imagine that I have to confirm that I have a license for VSR 16. Indeed I have my Symantec SSR license. Going to my Symantec account I see that my license is managed by as a "standard perpetual license" n° M1966332924. Can you help solving this trouble ? Thanks. ;-)

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      You have downloaded service pack 1 for VSR 16 which can only be installed over the top of VSR 16. You cannot use that to install on top of SSR 2013 R2 which is what you currently have.

      Yes, you are correct; you do need a license for VSR 16 before you upgrade. You should be able to manage your licenses/downloads using our portal:

      If you have any problems with accessing the portal, you will need to speak to our customer care department:

      Hope that helps.

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        from unpeujuste

        Thank you,

        Clearly I poorly interpreted your last answer of june th 15 th. I had written: "May I consider that VSR 16 SP1 is a normal update for SSR 2013 R2 SP6 ..." and you had answered " Yes, you can upgrade from 2013 R2 SP6 to VSR 16 SP1- there is no need to remove the older version first". Now, could you say how I can download the wright file to update SSR toward VSR 16 ? I apologize for my clusiness. :-)