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Don’t you worry. Be happy. I’ve been down this road before. You have inherited an old lab or an older production environment with NetBackup 4.5 installed and running. You would like to upgrade NetBackup but unfortunately the SunOS and NT clients are not supported with the newer versions of NetBackup. You are the one who is now responsible to maintain this NetBackup legacy environment. What to do?

First stop; gather the manuals. If you are lucky enough to find the installation CD’s then mount them up and look for the docs directory. Copy all of them to your trusty laptop as you don’t want to have to mount that CD again. Admit it. You were lucky that the scratched up CD would mount in the first place.
What? No luck? The CD would not mount?
Then why don’t you download the documentation from the internet?
For NetBackup versions 3.x and 4.x documentation go to
For NetBackup 5.0 documentation
For NetBackup 5.1 documentation
For NetBackup 6.x documentation
Second stop; find where you can get help from the OLD NetBackup admins
Yep. You are already here. I guess you don’t need a link to this site
Other sources of help still works fine! I suggest you always try Google before posting on the internet where you admit to the whole world concerning your ignorance. If you post before using this tool then you just might get the always handy RTFM. See the section above.
Ok, now for my super-secret source of information concerning NetBackup. All of the truly OLD NetBackup admins subscribe to this email type forum:
I suggest you also subscribe just to get some new blood in it. As I mentioned there are some truly, truly ancient seers from CDC who supported AWBUS, BackupPlus, and NetBackup 0.x. So be ready to stroke their ego and they will be glad to reminisce the days of yore.
On more item to add. I posted this as a regular forum thread but now I think I should have included it here

Don't let the name on this technote fool you. Most of the principles in the document are applicable to older Netbackup 5.x,4.x and 3.x versions

Veritas NetBackup (tm) Enterprise Server / Server 6.0 Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide for UNIX, Windows, and Linux. This also covers tuning on NetBackup components such as NOM (NetBackup Operations Manager). Note: This guide is for 6.0 only.

And what about Netbackup commands?
The earlier versions of NetBackup used shell scripting and not executable binaries. This gives you the opportunity to look inside some of the commands to see what in the world of data backups that NetBackup was doing. You can simply view the command in your favorie text editor.
Also you can see the supported usage with:
bp$COMMAND -h NOTE: you may get different usage with the different use of the case
bp$COMMAND -Q This will show additional usage of the command that backline engineering would sometimes use. NOTE: the "-Q" options were not supported nor documented.



This article is really resourceful in a way that it reminds the users to make use of the available product documentation. Check my Quick links thread ( to access more of Symantec's product resources. Cheers Bob!

Also if you like to read forums instead of getting email, the Auburn alias listed above is also mirrored by Curtis Preston in a forum



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Other source of documents that is faster than google in my very personal opinion is , you can click in the first link and just using the IE find tool you can get every pdf about NBU, even patches.