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Community and company insights from across the Veritas business, including opportunities to engage directly with Veritas product teams and VOX Community Managers to provide experience feedback.

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Adding attachment to a post on VOX

Hi,I'm struggling to find anything to tell me how to add an attachment to a post on VOX?I have a thread open, and an earlier response was marked as spam as it had debug text in it.  I can't seem to find a link on a posting page on how to attach a fil...

BaaS in Backup Exec

Hello Veritas Team, I have asked this before and checking on to see if there has been any progress on this capability to be added in Backup Exec. MSP's want to manage multiple customer environment and want to provide Backup as a Service. Adding this ...

Girishrox by Moderator
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Veritas Perspectives blog on now on

Hello VOX Community, We’re excited to share that we have a new blog on focused towards answering our customers' top business concerns, such as backing up their data to the cloud and how to recover from ransomware. Our previous blog catego...

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 4.55.25 PM.png

Problem restoring files DLO 9.6

I'm having trouble restoring files from the DLO server console. I do NOT see my files, it only shows the name of the computer, it indicates that the backup is 100% complete and that the computer is protected, but I do not see the file tree 

Maru3 by Level 1
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Downloads from KB - broken

Hello all, Download links from KB Articles in Veritas EV KB seem to be broken. Example: Download of zip file gives error: An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #50.2fa40517....

GertjanA by Moderator
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Single sign-on changes in VOX

On Friday, January 14th, 2022, the Veritas Account Management application will be changing platforms. While Veritas works hard to minimize the impact to you, you may see things that look slightly different.  Your login credentials to the Veritas appl...

multiple client name entries - Opscenter

Hi,in our Opscenter (v, we got multiple entries for clients and everyday adding new ones like:SERVER1SERVER1(07-05-21 10:51)SERVER1(07-09-21 04:03)SERVER1(20-09-21 12:16)SERVER1(21-09-21 08:19)SERVER1(21-09-21 12:18) no problem with im...

Server Marked for Deletion

Veritas Backup Exec 20.5I am getting an error when I attempt to check credentials between this application and our main virtualization server. I can't find a similar topic within the community so I'm reaching out. I'll try to be as detailed as possib...

svoss by Level 1
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Veritas backup is taking much longer time to complete

Over the last few months, the time required to backup our system has increased from 12 hours to almost 20 hours.  The size of the backup has not changed.  I have attached 2 screen shots showing jobs completed in April and jobs completed in July.  We ...

Bug related to exit status 90

I wanted to check on here if anyone has come across this issue in their environment?  I have a windows drive on exclude list, but for some reason this drive is still failing with status 90 when full backup runs. I have tweak the exclude drive by goin...

Dollypee by Moderator
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Expired license Backup Exec 16

I guess this is a very simple question for experienced Backup exec administrators, which is not my case, in our small company we have backup exec16 the license has expired, I have already purchased the renewal, I have seen the license renewal process...

Backup Exec 16 cannot restore from LTO-8

We are currently using Backup Exec 16 to save data to LTO-8 tapes using Quantum tape storage. We archived a data set which was split over two tapes, unfortunately one of the tapes was over written (the second tape). Presumably this is where the end o...