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Unable to start a patch to a new Cluster

Hello colleagues:I have the following issue:After install and configure a new Cluster (8.0.2 version running on AIX), I need to install a patch:README VERSION : 1.1README CREATION DATE : 2023-12-15PATCH-ID : NAME : 8.0.2 P4BASE PACKAGE...

oolmedo by Level 4
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About CFS Cluster

Hello,I'm trying to understand the concept of a CFS cluster. What advantage does having a disk mounted simultaneously on two servers in a two-node cluster provide? Could you provide an explanation with an example? Even if a virtual IP is provided, it...

debuginfo files

are debuginfo files required after 1 year as well in /opt/VRTSvxvm location or can they be generated next time we have a troubleshooting session with VERITAS support

DataDomain To StoreOnce Migration

Hello,I'm a new guy in my organization and was tasked to migrate our current NetBackup (7.7.3) storage system from Dell DataDomain to a new one, HPE StoreOnce 5260.I've searched for relevant information on Google but haven't had any success.Would you...

bakra by Level 1
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Hi,This disk has disk group and volumrs on it.Thenvxdisk listc3t4d1s2                        errorI try to recover the volumes :vxprivutil dumpconfig /dev/vx/rdmp/c3t4dd1s2>test4cat test4|vxprint -D - -ht>yHow i recover?

URGENT disk oublic region recover

Hi,Somebody changed the public region -slice 4 in format tool on solaris.Privaste is in slice 3 -unchanged.After reboot the vxdisk not see the disk.What can i do to restaurate everything?

Vmwaredisks resource failed

vmwaredisks resource keeps failing with a log error " Failed to decrypt password " Although the password didn't change from VMware side. what we do : -Hit vcsencrypt -agent command and type the actual password and then take the encrypted output passw...

Yasmeen by Level 0
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hi,you can see that df -k /symora_tmp ->584288 and vxprint -g genio/-dg|grep genio05->2072576then vxresize -b -g genio_dg genio05 512m.vxprint -g genio-dg|grep genio05->1048576 but df -k /symora_tmp->524288.i expected the value to be half of this.why...


Hi,I need to expand a volume but on the underlying disk is no space.The created volumes are created on a single disk.What is the good practice?To create a mirror of volumes with a larger disk,then detach the small disk and create a mirror with a disk...


Hi,In my attachments / and /var are in /dev/vx/dsk/rootvol and /dev/vx/dsk/var ->ufs.Normally when and ufs file system is created this is created in /dev/dsk/rootvol amd /dev/dsk/var.Why here those ufs are in /dev/vs/dsk?

Procedure to move storage

Hi folks,We have 2 node VCS clusterRDM is used for shared storage.DEVICE TYPE DISK GROUP STATUSsan_vc2_000270 auto:cdsdisk wdg0101 wdg01 online thinrclm clone_diskWe are moving storage from IBM to HPE.I have added new rdm disk and have added this dis...

RS74 by Level 2
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Telemetry Collector Required?

We are upgrading from Infoscale Availability 7.3.1 to 8.0.2 (RHEL). I'm confused by telemetry collection introduced in 7.4.1. Is it required that telemetry collection be activated during installation?  For security, we run a private network that does...

kc3 by Level 2
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Checking platform version CPI ERROR V-9-0-0

Trying to upgrade from enterprise 7.4.1 to 7.4.2 and getting this error during platform version check? Anybody seen this before or have any ideas where I should start looking?Checking platform version CPI ERROR V-9-0-01 thread 1 threw error: Can't us...

mkeyes5 by Level 1
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