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Failed to create Veritas Cluster

I have installed the Veritas Infoscale 2019 on my DB nodes. Also, the Disk Groups and Volumes have been set up using VEA. While trying to create a veritas cluster using the Veritas Cluster Wizard, It fails to configure the cluster with the error mess...

fencing driver fail after storage firmware

 In emc unity 380, fencing disk abnormal after firmware.So the b port doesn't go up.Do you have any why this is? this problem occur when the ...


Riva Metaverse

When it comes to planning the perfect metaverse vacation, there is no best travel planner than Riva Metaverse. A metaverse vacation is the perfect way to get away from it all and explore new virtual worlds. With Metaverse Travel, you can plan your tr...


i configure vcs 2 nodes with vxfen.more /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/main.cfinclude ""include ""include ""include ""include ""include ""include ""include "

Extract password-protected 7zip file

You can easily extract password-protected 7zip files by eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software. It gives you three technology-based techniques Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack. It has a smart and easy graphical user interface....

Resolved! import dg

in 2 nodes vcs cluster node a crashes.nodes are vm in vmwarewhen i try to import dg on node b i could -disks are busy on other node.i tred vxdg -fC import dg-not successful.I tried vxfenclearpre-this not work.only if i restart node a then import ther...

Resolved! vcvs config

I need a comprehensive step by step vcs installation and configurating that has disk i/o fencing.If there are more then 2 nodes then i/o fencing is compulsory?

LVM extend and san migration

I have 2 node cluster active passive with no vxvm lv's.1. I want to extend one lv, what is the process for that.2. Client is planning for the SAN migration, lv's are running without vxvm, what steps I need to follow.For the 1st step can I run lvexten...

Resolved! Can I put the username and password on the command line

Hi.How can I put the username and password on the command line?I had some command like :hares.exe -offline processzyx -sys machinexyzThere is something like :hares.exe -offline processzyx -sys machinexyz -user aaa -password aaaa orhares.exe -offline ...


hi,The disks within dg should be scsi3-pr?If they are not then on scsi bus reset the service group that contains that dg will fail over?

Security Vulnerabilities

We have a set of blades that is running RHEL 7 and the following is installed:VRTSvcs- we ar...

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Infoscale 7.4.2 VRTSvxvm failed to install

During installation of 7.4.2 on RHEL 8 the installer wrongly reports that VRTSvxvm failed to install.The installer is patched with CPI_7.4.2_P23.plIs there a hotfix available or any other workaround to have the installation correctly reported as this...

Patching the infoscale installer

Quick question:Do I have to run the installer -require path_to_cpi-patch every time I run the installer or is the patch permantly applied to the installer.The documentation unfortunantly leaves this question unanswered.Thanks for your anser


When a service group goes continuosly onlin then offline,what should i do?When a service tries to go online and a resource can not be brought online,then the service goes offline?The vcs tries to bring it online,etc? the solution is to hagrp -flush -...

linuly by Level 4
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Storage not sufficient

Hi all members, how can I mitigate this issue regarding insufficient storage? Seems like expanding the storage would incurred additional cost, I can only think of discarding few files inside. I do appreciate any kind of advice though, thank you for y...