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Backup Exec 15 - Backup Set "Size" column...

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wow - is this site just not finished??

anyway, i was looking at the size column in the Backup Sets, and i'm wondering where that comes from or if it's accurate, or even if it's known to be INaccurate.

i'm backing up a test sample of 99,999,906,655 bytes (93.1 GB if you use 1073741824 bytes per GB).

Backup Exec's "Backup Set" lists the amount as 86.4GB.  I thought maybe this was the compression, but when i checked the bkf files (two of them) they show "93.1 GB (100,070,551,552 bytes)".

any BE gurus know how the size is tallied, or some other technical feature that i might be missing?


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Install FP5 for Backup Exec 15 and then check the display (possibly running a new backup first)


I believe FP5 fixes something that sounds like that (check the release notes etc)


BTW FP5 is not yet on LiveUpdate you have to manually download it from the article

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Well yesterday I could have sworn that some backups on our dedupe arrays had incorrect sizes.  They showed like 10GB with they are 800 GB or more.  When I drilled down into the backup set, the size was right.  Now it shows the correct size in both places.  Maybe DLM kicked in and correct the report size at the storage level. 

Level 3

I think this error in display was introduced around FP2 or FP3 and continued on for FP4.  FP5 seems to fix it, but, a long standing bug is still around which causes backup sets to not be shown at all on media.

I'm going to write up a separate post about this as I'd hoped FP5 would fix it, but in short, it appears one needs to do a separate inventory job against backup media once a job is finished in order to be sure you can see all the backup sets on that media.

I have multiple instances of backup media showing no sets at all in the BE interface, yet at the same time is reporting the media utilising 3-4-500GB or more of space (?).  Doing an inventory against it show the missing sets.