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Backup Exec 2012 Retention Period and Job Deletion Issues

Level 0


I have a Backup Job in BE 2012 on SBS 2011 that has a data retention period of 4 days

When I try to increase this, the setting does not save

We also have a number of old restore jobs and catalog jobs listed and when I try to delete these, they do disapear, but when I go back in, they hae returned

I don't care too much about the job deletion, but is there any way to resolve the issue with the backup retention, even if it is a registry, or SQL edit?

The backup is otherwise working OK, so i'd rather not need to re-install


* The server has been restarted





Level 6

This more sounds like you have a Backup Exec Database issue based on your description.

It appears any setting in the BE GUI you try to "apply" does not commit.

I would suggest making sure you have latest Backup Exec updates applied for BE 2012. Review the installed updates section of Backup Exec 2012 and then compare to the article below:

How to get updates for Backup Exec - Service Pack, Hotfix, Patches and Device Drivers

Try a repair on the Database:


If the above doesnt work then I would suggest uprading to Backup Exec 16 as BE 2012 EOSL was last year.