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Backup Exec wont use tape drive number 2

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Hi all

I have a server with 2 tape drives, 1 x LTO 5 and 1 x LTO4. Only 1 backup job. backup starts with one of the drives (usually LTO 5) and then when that tape is full it automatically moves on to the LTO4 drive.

I start running out of space on the tape so i decide to replace 1 of the drives. I take out the LTO4 and replace it with a LTO6 drive.

LTO6 Drive is recognised by Backup exec upon reboot - i put in a LTO5 tape (i have loads of those :) - i can see in backup exec that the LTO6 drive now has a LTO5 tape inserted. Everyone should be happy - status of the LTO6 drive is "ready"

Backup starts normally and the LTO5 drive stars to backup. I return to the office this morning and i see the LTO5 drive has ejected its tape and is requesting a new tape put into LTO5. i can see that the tape in the LTO6 hasnt been used. and i can see as per normal the LTO5 tape is full.

Only way i could complete the backup was to put in a new tape into LTO5 drive.

Can someone help me? how do i make the new drive pick up where the LTO5 drive stopped.

The LTO4 drive i took out is still listed in Backup exec, but i disabled it in backup exec.

The backup job is set to use all devices


Kind regards

Kenn Christensen


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Additional info:

I run Backup 2010 R3

I can see from other posts here that beyond BEWS 2010 this feature of 1 job 2 tape drives isnt support. But i didnt change anything besides replace a tape drive.



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That is correct.  This tape pooling feature was removed even before BE 2010, so I don't know how you managed to get it to work.

You should be looking at getting a tape library.

In case you are not aware, BE 2010 is EOL and you should be planning to upgrade to the latest version of BE which is BE 16.

That is odd - its been working for years in my setup.

Only thing i did was replace a tape drive.

the new tape drive works fine too - i tried creating a small job with only a few GB's and it was put on the tape no problem at all.

I have now tried to create a new device pool, once that does not contrain the old LTO drive (the one i removed)

ill respond tomorrow with results.

Kind regards

I mentioned in my post from yesterday that i did a small job to the new tape drive and it completed. But that isnt 100% accurate, i had to reboot 1 extra time before i was able to access the drive. And upon that reboot the LTO4 drive was marked as offline.

I think the extra reboot did the trick, because the backup job ran successfully last night, using 100% of the tape in the new drive and about 40% of the tape in drive number 2.

Just to let everyone know that tape pooling is indeed possible in Backup 2010 R3 :)

Kind Regards