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Backup exec installation

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I have issues with the fresh installation of the latest build of backup exec on windows 10 Pro. I am logged in as an administrator.

When I perform a environment check, I get 2 errors:

1. The windows server service is not starten: If I check in services: Server is running... So this should not be a problem.

2. There is no permission to write in the registry: strange because I have indeed write access to the registry.

If I try te perform the installation, I can not choose the typical installation, but only custom installation. After I did the installation, I cannot connect to the server, because not all services are running. When I look in services: they are running.

I also tried to perform this with UAC disabled.

What can I do/check further?





You've not made it clear whether you are trying to make your Windows 10 machine the Backup Exec Media Server (this is what it sounds like) or you already have a Media server and you are just trying to install the agent on your Windows 10 box 

If the former then as per the SCL (Software Compatibility Guide) this is not supported (it requires a server operating system). If the latter, are you pushing the agent out from the BE Server or manually installing it on the machine itself after first copying the files over to it..?

Level 2

The Backup Exec Server can be installed on a Windows server Operating system. From the description it looks like you are trying to install on a Windows 10 Pro client operating system. Backup Exec does support the Remote Agent for Windows Server (RAWS) and the Remote Administration Console (RAC) on client operating systems. The Remote Admin Console (RAC) is a light weight client that can be used to connect to a Backup Exec server to mange it remotely without having to login to the actual Backup Exec server. It looks like in your case the Remote Admin Console has been installed. Note that for the connection to work both the Remote Admin Console and the Backup exec server need to be running the same version. You can find a list of compatible operating systems, platforms, and applications in the Backup Exec Software Compatibility List (SCL) for BE Server, RAWS and RAC.

Thank you for the feedback.

I am evaluating what is the best way of working. I am testing now in this situation: windows server 2019 standard + 1 workstation win 10 Pro (no AD). Is the best way to install Backup Exec on the server and pushing the agent to the workstation?


Yes that would be the usual way to go about it. As mentioned by anilthomas you could also install the RAC onto the client, its your choice whether to use that or for instance RDP onto the Backup Exec server itself directly to administer it.

Would recommend to always check the SCL first to ensure whatever version of software you are installing is supported on that platform/build. Saves time in the long run (even if it is a pain..!)

So far, so good. The installation was successfull on the windows server.

Now I want to add a storage being a nas. The nas is a Synology, where I've created a shared folder. I thought I could add this: Storage => disk based storage => disk storage => network share, but I get 'The path appears to be an invalid path'. I used as path: \\server\folder. I did a test and I can reach the folder from the windows server.

In fact, my question is: how can I backup to a nas from backup exec.