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Choosing backup source for VMs on Hyper-V: Cluster or Node?

Level 3

Greetings, all! Our site has a new 2-node Hyper-V cluster that will replace our well-aged VMware ESXi 5.5 cluster. So, I'll be using Backup Exec (v.20.5) on Hyper-V for the first time as we build new servers on and move existing servers (?) to the new system.

Having pushed the Agent for Windows successfully to the two nodes, I noticed that the cluster appeared in the list as well and can be backed up along with its VMs. The VMs can be backed up by choosing the nodes, too, which makes me ask which method is the better one. I don't recall seeing a mention of the two possibilities or a recommendation in the Administrator's Guide.

What can those of you with experience in such a situation recommend as a backup strategy? Thank you for sharing your collective wisdom!