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Configure BE Email Archive and BE Outlook Add-in to work on 2008 R2 Terminal Server and Cached Exchange mode OFF

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I am currently using BackupExec 2010 R3 with Exchange Archive Option enabled and archiving messages OK.

I've overcome several hurdles for local install/configuration of the Outlook plug-in on user computers (GPOs to address issues with AutoArchive, Cached Exchange mode, and Outlook Anywhere).

I'm now trying to get this to work in my Citrix XA6 environment, but despite my GPO, Outlook detects that it is running on a terminal server, and therefore disables Cached exchange mode, and grays out the checkbox for it.  This makes sense, since we have a farm of several servers, and I'd prefer not having to manage large OST files in roaming profiles. 

However, the Outlook plug-in to allow access to vault stores in Outlook will not work if Cached Exchange mode is disabled.  I found this thread in these forums:

According to the post, it appears that the user is also using the BE Exchange Archive option (and, not the full blown Enterprise Vault product).  But, the accepted solution involves accessing the EV admin console to configure some policies. 

Is this possible using the BE Exchange Archive option?  Is it even possible to accomplish this goal in my environment, or do I need the full blown EV product?  Using BE Retrieve is ok, but, my users prefer having access to archived items from within Outlook and using an equivalent interface to the existing method they use to mount and access PST files.


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For Backup Exec Archive Option, we cannot edit the desktop policies since EV Admin console is not accessible.

Seems like Outlook 2010 supports cached exchange mode over terminal services. I found some references on this in below articles.



- (Goto section - Using Outlook with Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services))

Probably if possible, try configuring Virtual Vault with Outlook 2010.



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MPare, I'm having the same problems with install/configuration of the Outlook plug-in on user computers (specific Outlook Anywhere).

How did you fixed that issues?


Thank you very much!

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So, I finally got enough of a "lull" (if you call it that) at work to return to tackling this problem.

As was suggested, I deployed Office 2010 onto a test server running Xenapp 6, and part of my Xenapp farm.  Confirmed published Outlook workes just fine.

I then deployed the Symantec Outlook add-on, and began to run into problems.  Would not work logging in via Citrix published app.  I keep getting this error:

Unable to display vault cache properties
0x8007000E: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation

whenever I attempt to configure the Vault cache.


I then confirmed that the Symanted add-on DOES work, IF I'm using a local profile.  Yes, it even works via Citrix if I log into an account with a local profile.  Does not seem to work at all with a roaming profile - which, is a (new) problem.

Any workarounds or advice?  I've been trying to deploy BERetrieve in my DMZ and running into problems there - and decided to focus on this approach, as it would be more preferable to give users access to their vault directly in Outlook.

Also, does full blown Enterprise Vault product address some of these issues and/or offer additional options or compatibility in a terminal server environment?

I didn't think this would be such an issue, but we have a bunch of packrats that "claim" to need to access "reference" items older than 3 months on a regular basis (I could understand needing things here and there).  One user actually STORES things in her Deleted Items folder and balked when she discovered the folder had been archived. 

If I can get this working, it would be fantastic.  So far, I've been able to cut our Exchange database storage needs in half (possibly more after some tweaks), which is awesome.



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I wish I had some better news for you, and that I could be of better help, but please see my follow-up post.  I'm hoping for the best, and if I discover anything helpful on my own, I will share here.  Stay tuned.