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Create new Backup Exec database when current database is not accessable

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Our Backup exec 2010 media server database is pointing an SQL server that is currently offline.  How can I force the media server to create a new database on a different SQL server so I can start the process of cataloging to do some recovery.  The SQL server and the BEDB.BAK are both unavaliable.  

If I try the BEUtil to select new DB location it fails trying to connect to the offline server first.  If I try a drop/repair I get no option to point to a new server.

Do I have to clear out some registry settings to force the point/creation to a new sql server location?


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I would be interested in the answer to this as well as I am having the same issues with Backup Exec version 11d.


Employee Accredited Certified

There are multiple parts to you issue:

1) you need a copy of an empty database that matches your BE version - there is usually one in the DATA folder on a BE server called BEDB_dat.bak. This is the same bedb that is used by BEUTILITY if you select to recover a blank database. In the case where remote SQL has been configured I am not totally sure where this file sits so you might have to install a trailware of BE somewhere to get hold of either that file or a basic MDF LDF pair to either restore or mount inside a SQL instance

2) you need to manually make edits in the registry to tell Backup Exec to use a different SQL location - BEUtility cannot be used for this as it is designed to move the BEDB and not reset the configuration without a move, so needs access to the original SQL instance. As we do not encourage manual edits within the registry (and there are actually lots of possible combinations or registry changes depending on your installation ) the required changes are not publicly documented.

Because of the above in the event of this sort of disaster it is usually better install BE in trailware somewhere in order to restore enough to get your original BE instance back up and running.


Note: because of complications when doing DR restores of BE servers using remote SQL, unless you have a very good reason to use a remote SQL instance, best practice remains to leave BE running in the default SQL express instance (and DR processes for a BE server with default SQL locations is well documented). Note it is also bad practice to share the SQL intance used by the BEDB with other business critical SQL databases (again because of potential complications during DR restores)

Ouch.  Seems like there should be an easier way to do a reset or redirection but at least I now have direction.  Thank you for the feedback.