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Duplicate/copy backup images from tape to tape

Level 2

Hi, I have gotten a request to duplicate/copy 2 tapes to new tapes. On each tape there's 1 backup set.  The backup environment has 2 tape drives attached. I just need a 1-1 copy of tape in order to have an extra copy.

If I right click the backup set I can choose "duplicate" and the process seems pretty straight forward. As destination I can see the library and also partitions and also the tape drives.

If I pick the tape storage pool will the duplication job just take an available scratch tape if I pick the scratch media media set or?

Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Level 5

as far as I can related, you are on the right path, choose the source storage (tape) and destination (tape) and start the duplication.

you can choose any pool which has the free tapes available, usually all free and unassigned tapes should be in scratch pool, so if you tapes there, you can choose it and start the duplication.



Level 2

Thanks, I tried to start the duplication process but just want to be 100% sure that it's done right.

I have one scratch tape available that says overwritable so I'm hoping I can use that even it say not appendable. Can that be used?

It's currently in the "scratch media" media set so I have chose that.

I have chosen "append to media, terminate job if no appendable media is available".
Is this correct way? I just want to be sure nothing is overwritten by mistake.

For the storage configuration I picked "keep data for infinite.." and 6 days for append. Because the old tapes are also part of the "keep data for infinite..." media set.

From looking at the 2 old tapes then it seems the backup sets are small enough to fit on 1 tape so how can I make sure the scratch tape can have both backups set duplicated?

Thanks again.