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MMServers never sends Job History to CAS servr

Level 4
I have a CAS server monitoring a MMS. The MMS is configured to send its job logs/history to the CAS when a successful job is finished.

This never happens (or if it does I can't see where) I would expect to be able to see backup info in the Job Monitor window of the CAS for the MMS.

The catalogs are NOT centrally managed but this shouldn't matter ?

I've tried very option IE send logs when fail, when success, at certain times etc, NOTHING works.

The MMS screens SHOW that they should be sending jobs on success.

I can see the MMServers, I can see their devices, I can submit jobs, I'm getting Alerts from them when a job fails, I'm just NEVER getting the job logs sent to the CAS.

Level 6

Thank you for posting your query,

When user selects "Include Job Log" it sends the job log to the recipient configured for notification. This option can only be used for recipients that are configured for e-mail or printer notification.

Please refer to the following technote to configure e-mail or printer notification.

We hope this information helps, if you have any other questions please respond to the post and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

Level 4

I guess that means I've wasted $2000 on an option that doesn't work then?

The solution was of course to submit the job from the CAS server via policies TO the MMServer.

This then sends the job logs back to the CAServer when the job has completed on the MMS, which is what I wanted.

NOWHERE is this explained clearly, and it took 2 levels of support calls to fix it.

If I run a job on a MMserver it doesnt communicate its job logs back to the CAS.

Level 6

In reference to our previous reply to your post, we would request you to update us on the progress. However, if we do not receive your intimation within two business days, this post would be assumed answered and archived.


Level 6
As per our previous reply, marking the case as "assumed answered" and moving it to "answered questions" pool.