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NDMP backups failing

Level 4

I have an ancient tape backup sysytem that I use as a redudndant data backup for my Netapp FAS2020 filer. It has worked flawlessly for 7 or 8 years, until a controller on the Netapp crashed last week. It was replaced and is running normally, and supposedly the same config was applied as prior to the crash. But ever since then my backups have been failing with Error Code E00846B: 

(Server: "DOCULEX") (Job: "NDMP-Policy 0001-Daily Backup") NDMP-Policy 0001-Daily Backup -- The job failed with the following error: The resource could not be backed up because an error occurred while connecting to the Backup Exec for Windows Servers Remote Agent.

Make sure that the correct version of the Remote Agent is installed and running on the target computer.  If the server or resource no longer exists, remove it from the selection list. Edit the selection list properties, click the View Selection Details tab, and then remove the resource.


I have deleted and recreated the items in the selection list, tried two different logons to the device, rebvooted teh media server, ascertained that the media server can ping the Netapp. I am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



What version of NetApp ONTAP?  Make sure it is on the BE HCL.

Is node-scoped mode enabled on the NetApp?

Is the NDMP service running on the NetApp?



Thanks for responding.

The ONTAP is old, 7.3 I think. As for the BE HCL, I assume so, because I’ve been backing this device up for almost 10 years with BE.


Not too sure about #2. Never heard of that.


As for #3, it's been kind of flaky. It was on, but when I'd run a backup, it would fail with the error noted, and when I would check teh Netapp it would say that teh NDMPD was OFF! We did a reboot of the controller last night, confirmed that NDMPD was enabled and ON, and it failed again, and once again teh NDMPD status is OFF. Could this be due to the Node-scoped mode you mentioined?


Thanks again for responding. I really appreciate it.