Recieving V-79-57344-34030

When I am trying to run a backup job using Backup-to-Disk folders I receive the following error message.
Error : e00084ee - An invalid command was sent to the storage device.
For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-34030

When I click on the link the support website tells me that there are 0 documents found matching my request.

I am using a Promise SX4000 RAID controller with 4 120gb drives in RAID0
Any ideas?
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Re: Recieving V-79-57344-34030

Thank you for submitting this support query. To isolate the issue, please try the following:

1. Delete the existing Backup to Disk folder from Backup Exec and Re-configure it to point to the same location. Run the backup job again and observe the results.

2. For test purposes, please create a new backup to disk folders in another location and run the backups.

3. Run a check on the hard drive for bad sectors or errors and Defragment the disk.

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Re: Recieving V-79-57344-34030

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