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SAP database backup through backup exec

Hi All,

I havn't worked more on backup exec . My client want to take SAP database backup . Can you please share pre-requisites and how to configure (Online and offline) both.


Thanks in advance

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Re: SAP database backup through backup exec


The Backup Exec SAP agent got discontinued some time ago - last supported version was BE 2010.

SAP itself runs on a database which can be SAP (MAXDB) itself; Oracle; SQL or DB2. Depend on what the underlying database is, the answer changes slightly.

If it is Oracle; then you could in principle backing up the database files itself (the SAP DBA needs to confirm that this is OK). However when it comes to restore, we can restore the database files back into Oracle but at that stage SAP would not know anything about that. Manual interaction by the SAP DBA on SAP itself would need to take place. The steps would need to be tested and confirmed as working by the SAP DBA and yourself.

As you linked Linux (if the whole thing runs on Linux); in addition to the above, the Linux version needs to be supported by the Backup Exec RALUS agent

If it is SQL; then the backup could be taken via the SQL agent, however the same as above is valid.

SAP and DB2; the only way to do perfom a backup would be offline as we have no supported agent anymore. Meaning to put the database offline before running a backup, which is most likely not what the SAP DB is designed for. In this scenario i would suggest to make an online backup outside of BE and then let BE backing up that backup.

Hope this helps



Re: SAP database backup through backup exec

Thanks Rog,

So i have BE version 12d, so it is not supported on this version?

If its oracle then how can i take the backup of DB files, whether its a flat file backup ?


Re: SAP database backup through backup exec

Not sure there was a 12D as such there was a 10D and an 11D, and then 12.0 and 12.5

The 12.0 and 12.5 versions of Backup Exec are about 10 years old and completely end of support and would not have supported newer versions of Oracle or Linux anyway so assuming your SAP installation is not as old as your Backup Exec installation it is unlikely it would have supported your current environment. We would need more details on the versions of SAP, the database technology it runs from and the Linux version to comment further, however the SCL docs are available here.

12.0 SCL =

12.5 SCL =

Please note the due to the completely out of support status of Backup Exec 12.x it is likely that Veritas will remove technical articles and documentation pertaining to these versions, so continuing to use them could mean you won't be able to get any information or assistance.

Gut feeling here is you need to invest in new backup software (almost certainly with new backup server hardware as well) and look to find a product that supports your SAP installation.




Re: SAP database backup through backup exec

Hi ,

As last supported version for SAP agent is BE 2010, so after this version or latest versions SAP agent is still discontinued/not compatible ?



Re: SAP database backup through backup exec

Support was discontinued (and the technical ability to even try such backups was removed from Backup Exec)