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Site to Site Replication Walkthroughs in BE16

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Just upgraded to BE16 Capacity from 2012 and using it as is for now, and I'm looking for a walkthrough on planning and implementing site to site replication.

I'm trying to replicate two servers, one with BE on, the other with Agent, to two new servers - and keep them replicated over a VPN.  

A lot of hits for stuff I'm trying to research ends up in 404s and discussions I'm searching for are for older versions. 



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Backup Exec is a backup product not a replication product - in other words what we copy off the source server is stored in a media format and not as a 1 to 1 exact operational copy . So to make your data look like a replica you would still have to restore somewhere.  For Virtual Machine backups we do have an Instant Recovery ability that means you can mount a VM directly from the backup storage instead of performing a restore. This of course being intended as a temporary short term get back operational option and not as a permanent place to startup a VM from.

The closest we come to replication is being able to duplicate the backup sets between deduplication storage folders (known as Optimized Duplication) which requires a CASO setup with a Backup Exec server at both locations, a reliable and fast WAN link and deduplication storage (all with approriate licensing, which Capacity Edition of course allows anyway)


NOTE: the instant recovery feature for VMs is not supported for Deduplication Storage which means you cannot combine the two concepts


Optimized Duplication is discussed in the Deduplication Appendix (B) of the BE 16 Admin guide, Instant Recovery is discussed in the VMware and Hyper-v Appendices (C & D) of the BE 16 Admin Guide