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Slow VM Restore (vmWare,vCenter7)

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Hi there ,

I am having problems with slow restores on my vmware environment. When I try to restore a VM to an ESXi server managed by vCenter I have a maximum job rate of 500 MB/min.
When I restore my VM to an ESXi server that is not managed by vCenter, I have at least 2500 MB/min job rate. The transport mode is NBD in both cases

I have the assumption that BackupExec does not transfer the data directly to the target ESXi, but transfers them through the vCenterAppliance. 

I hope somebody can help me. Thank you


Level 2

Am I really the only one having this problem?
Does something specific need to be configured on the ESxi/vCenter for this to work properly?


Can you post the job of these two jobs?

Level 0

Hello hello7, I also have this problem. Did you find any solution?



we have solved the problem. Try increasing the MTU value on the VSwitch from the management network to 9000 on the ESXi server. You also do the same on the vmkernel NIC of the management network. The physical switch between the ESXi host and the BackupExec host has to be set to Jumboframes (the MTU value on the switches is usually higher than 9000 e.g. 9216) and finally the MTU value of the NIC on the BackupExec host has to be set to 9000 (JumboFrames ). I would make the changes on the switch and ESXi hosts outside of normal business hours. This solution worked for all our ESXi hosts, maybe it will help you too