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System State Backup Failure - E00084F8

Level 2

We sporadically get Error Code: E00084F8 / V-79-57344-34040 when trying to backup the System State on our servers sitting in our DMZ. We are on the latest version of 15 with both servers and agents. I created a support case with Veritas and the support person believes there is a competing process using the same port as Veritas. Neither Veritas support nor myself can confirm or deny this theory after running debugging. The failure occurs on the System Files portion of the System State backup. The fact that it happens randomly adds to the mystery. That said, the job for one of our DMZ severs has been failing all week. Any ideas or suggestions???


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

I assume this KB article has been followed -

Could you PM me the verbose debug for the remote server (the one which has been failing regularly) along with the debug from the BE media server. Thanks.


VJware, thanks for the reply. I have seen that article. Neither the BE server nor the remote server record any events in the application or system event viewer. So there's no obvious IRPStack issue.

Since upgrading to 15, this issue has been reduced, but not eliminated. I am working now on capturing the issue through SGMon. However, the random nature of the error and server(s) it occurs on makes it dfficult as we don't want the debug logs to to overflow.

I will report back when I can get the info you need.