The library was unable to read the barcode on a cartridge


we are using BE 15 with a Dell TL2000 LTO6 tapelibrary. Twice a day we run a tape inventory. Every first time it give the following TapeAlert Message:

Message: Information - The library was unable to read the barcode on a cartridge

On the second run everything is OK.

We don't use barcodes on the tape. We only label the tapes in BE.

On the Library i disabled the Barcode rules.


What can i do to prevent this message?


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This error usually occurs if

This error usually occurs if there is indeed a physical barcode attached.

Since there isn't, try running vendor diagnostics against the drive and tapes.

Barcode rules do not disable

Barcode rules do not disable the library from using  barcodes - all barcode rules are for is to handle libraries that have a mixture of tape types and tape drives. i,e. Libary contains an LTO-5 drive and an LTO-3 drive. It also has 15x LTO-3 tapes and 25x LTO-5 tapes. To ensure the tapes are only used in the correct drives you use barcode rules. The rules do not switch on or off the capability to use barcodes they just control which tapes can be used by which drives.

Getting back to your problem, if your library is barcode enabled (within the library NOT within Backup Exec) then you should use barcodes on your tapes. If you do not intend to use Barcodes you should either use a library that does not have the barcode capability OR  disable the barcode functionality itself in the configuration of the library (most larger libraries have some form of management software that can control settings although you may have to speak to the hardware vendor for how to disable the barcode scanner)

Basically you cannot disable this message in Backup Exec as Backup Exec is only reponding to an alert sent back from the libary itself which is automatically trying to read the barcode during the first pass of the slots.,


Also why do you run an inventory twice a day? this is kind of unusual (especially if you using import/export/mailslots correctly) or are you changing the tapes using a different method and causing a re-initialize of the libary each time because of how you change tapes?



Typically, this error is

Typically, this error is generated if barcode reader doesn't work properly, or a tape medium has a barcode that can't be read for some reason by barcode reader. The situation when tape doesn't have a barcode shouldn't lead to any issues. Though, the problem you've come across might be specific to your drive.