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Level 2
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Hi all,

Need to find out way to list resources that are backed up. Just a simple list with host names and backed up resources on hosts.

Any help will be appreciate.



Level 4


Just Go to Reports Tab on the TOP and your will find "See Completed &Upcoming" tab on Left.

Choose as per your requirement and done.


Thanks & Regards,
Shiju Chacko

Level 2
Partner Accredited


thanks for reply. I do not believe it is what I am looking for. It states that there is no scheduled reports yet. Also, I can not access to New scheduled report but even if I can access it I am not sure how to create report I need.

Backup Exec's reports are pretty customizable. However I would start by trying the built-in reports first and if they aren't sufficient then create your own customized one.

On the lefft hand side select one of the headings either Configurration / Jobs / Media / Devices. Each one of these have a number of built in reports. eg Click on Media, then click on (for instance) "Backup Sets by Media Set" or maybe "Media Summary". At the next screen 'Check All' (or select just the media sets you are interested in), click OK and you will get a report appear after a few seconds.

Beyond this you need to play around and experiment with different options yourself. To create a Custom Report rather than a built-in one click on "New Custom Report" at the top and then fill out the categories and fields as required.

You didn't mention what version of Backup Exec you are using, however reports haven't changed that much for a while, so the instructions above should be applicable regardless of version.