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Data Insight adverse effect scanning and classifying EMC Cloud Pool File Structures

Level 3

Our customer has setup EMC Cloud Pools and started to farm out data to these repositories for data consolidation and managing high disk consumption on the local hosts. 

We have mapped Data Insight to the same data volume and classifying this currently, what would be the underlying effects for Data Insight to work with Cloud Pooled data. I am aware that EV FSA stub files are bypassed when scanning data, is this the same process with Cloud Pooled data to act in the same way that we will not pull back data from the cloud pool storage to classify this or would it pull it back in to cache for classification to process this data. 

Be good to know if anyone here has undertaken this type of environment as we are trying to avoid moving data in and out of the network as much as possible and also need to understand if Data Insight would show these files in the console for reporting stats for the total volume of unstructured data and the age properties are correct against the overall volume.