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Logs for remediation scripts

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I've got this error when trying to run a remediation script (using a report's output). The script (it does nothing) works fine when launched from cmd prompt. 

I've searched in the log directory but I haven't found nothing useful. Can someone point me at a specific log file? Any other troubleshooting suggestion?

Many thanks



Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Mauro there is no picture attached so I assume that you had a failure syncing policies or the remediation failed prior to getting to the script. Can you post the picture into the thread so we can see what you are dealing with. Which version are you running? Perhaps the steps you followed would help as well.

As to logs you can check the configd log to ensure policy updates completed then start at the webserver0.0 log as this initiates the request. The commd0.0 log

commd0.0 log:
2016-01-19 13:52:12 SEVERE:  #{56} [WorkflowDBUtils.getWorkflowObject] Error 
getting workflow object
java.sql.SQLException: ResultSet closed
    at org.sqlite.RS.checkOpen(
    at org.sqlite.RS.markCol(
    at org.sqlite.RS.getString(

tracks the start of the workflow and then of course there is a workflowd0.0 log as it progresses.

We have enhancements to the functionality in version 5.2x which adds:

–Centralized view for all workflows in the system.

–Historical information of each custodian response and related automated actions.

–Combine pre-defined and advanced filters to search custodian and system audit information.

–Purge historical data from Data Insight based on configured duration periods.


All the databases, temporary files and logging depend on the active service calling specific jobs. If the picture is not self defining we may need a support technician to walk you through the debugging but for now follow the guidelines above and think of the logging as:

  • ...\log\workflow0.0.log – for DataInsightWorkflow service related issues
  • ...\log\command0.0.log – for UpdateWFCentralAuditDBJob related issues
  • ...\log\webserver0.0.log – for issues related to the User Interface


I hope that helps you out until we can see the picture you tried to post.