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DLO 8.0 "backing up the PST Files with almost 50 GB!! " Our unit makes slow performance !!

Level 3

hello Everyone ,

for those who knows how to resolve this problem.. please answer this because were on a critical way on backing up all of this PST Files in the production .. i've try a lot of article in veritas  but it doesn't work at all .

please Response for my problem.  Why our unit turns out to be a slow performance when backing up a  pst File with almost 50 GB  ?? even though our storage is almost 500 gb ....

Hope you response on my problem :)


thanks and regards ,



Level 4

To backup PST files DLO uses snapshot backup method. You need to check if the client system has enough resources to handle high disk IOs. 

Apart from that if you use DLO 9.0 and above we have a feature called Backup Accelerator which will help for faster backups on such clients with slow backup performance.